2021 Kentucky 5*-l Cancelation FAQs - Kentucky Three Day Event, Equestrian Events Kentucky, Equine Dressage, Equine Jumping
Event Dates: April 27-30, 2023

2021 Kentucky 5*-l Cancelation FAQs

Is the 5*-L Kentucky Three-Day Event canceled forever? What does the future of this event look like?

EEI has no intentions of letting this be the end of the Kentucky 5*-L! We are already making plans for next year’s event (April 28-May 1, 2022 – Save the Date!).

Following the 2020 event cancellation, many sponsors, trade fair vendors, and fans elected to roll their payments forward to 2021. This, along with money received from the Payroll Protection Program and Emergency Disaster Loan, allowed us to continue operations over the summer and fall.

We are now relying upon our reserve fund to sustain our daily operations. We have the resources to make all the necessary refunds for the 2021 event cancellation and operate for the coming months. Running alternate events in April, followed by the American Eventing Championships in August, will provide EEI with revenue until 2022 Kentucky Three-Day Event tickets go on sale.


Why could the 5*-L not have still run, but without spectators?

The costs associated with organizing a 5*-L are too great to absorb this year, while also providing a refund opportunity to those that rolled over their 2020 purchases.


It is an outdoor event, and we’ve been living with these restrictions for nearly a year! Why not run with spectators but have safety restrictions in place?

While we are an outdoor venue, there are guidelines established by the Commonwealth of Kentucky and US Equestrian for permitting spectators that must be adhered to.


Did the current International travel restrictions play a big role in this decision?

We had received great interest from multiple national federations expressing their intent to travel to Kentucky this spring. Our team had been keeping a close eye on all restrictions for international travel, both human and equine. We were in communication with all parties to ensure that international horses and riders would be able to safely compete. No current travel restrictions impacted this decision.


Why did you cancel the 5*-L but are still planning to run a 4*-S?

The financial commitments that come with organizing a 5*-L are significant. As well, we are committed to providing a refund to anyone who rolled their funds over from 2020, thereby greatly reducing the available funds to undertake a 5*-L. Running a 4*-S has fewer financial requirements (prize money, closed circuit TV, medical support, hospitality, security, etc.).


Why cancel the 5*-L but still plan to run lower levels that same weekend? Aren’t you just being greedy?

Losing multiple years of income is difficult for any non-profit, especially one that runs events. We reduced expenses and made many other difficult expenses. We were sustained in 2020 by those who rolled their purchases over, and disaster relief funds. Our hope was that 2021 would have provided the organization with a better source of income. Running lower-level events will allow EEI to continue to operate, meet any refund requests, and continue to operate as we look forward to 2022.


Was this decision made because of the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park being used currently as a regional COVID-19 vaccination site?

The important work being done at the Alltech Arena did not impact the decision regarding the three-day event. The Kentucky Horse Park would have worked to ensure both activities could occur simultaneously.


What can I do, as fan of “The Best Weekend All Year”, to help EEI bridge the financial gap this year?

We have already seen a tremendous outpouring of support from so many people in our community, and we are humbled by and grateful for each and every one! There are a few ways you can lend a hand to EEI during this time.


  • Make a tax-deductible donation to EEI by clicking here. Any amount is deeply appreciated and anyone who donates $500+ will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets to the 2022 event before the general public!


  • If you rolled your 2020 tickets over to 2021 and are in a position to do so this year, we would be very grateful if you chose the rollover option once again. All current ticket holders will be receiving an email soon with information on how to rollover their tickets or receive a full


  • If you are potentially interested in competing at the competition we are now planning for April, stay tuned for more information! We hope to have more solid plans in place