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Letters from Lee

2021…A Different LRK3DE with Reasons to Celebrate
Thursday, May 20 - 6:00 am

When I talk with people about the 2021 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, the word that I most often use is different.  While some things […]

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Counting on LRK3DE 2021
Thursday, March 25 - 6:25 pm

I enjoy counting things. I come by this naturally as my mother was a math teacher. Growing up, I would count the number of lights […]

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A Masterclass in Kentucky Three-Day Event History from Jane Atkinson
Thursday, February 25 - 8:58 am

When I joined the staff of Equestrian Events, Inc. (EEI) in 2012, one of the first people I wanted to connect with was Jane Atkinson.  […]

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Resilience: Looking Ahead to April
Tuesday, January 12 - 9:00 am

I can honestly say I have never looked forward to the start of a new year more than I have now.  For Equestrian Events (EEI), […]

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