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Resilience: Looking Ahead to April

Photo by Keni Parks

I can honestly say I have never looked forward to the start of a new year more than I have now.  For Equestrian Events (EEI), our 2020 was filled by the sadness caused by the cancellation of the Kentucky Three-Day Event, the Kentucky Invitational Grand Prix, and finally the American Eventing Championships.  The challenges caused by 2020 will linger for many years, but we are resilient.

And while EEI had challenges, we know you did too.  In the last year you may have lost a job, seen friends get sick, or sadly lost a loved one.  We are sorry for any hardships of 2020 you experienced.  For you too, the challenges caused by 2020 will linger for many years.  But we also know that you are resilient.

For months the single, most asked question we’ve heard is, “What will the 2021 Kentucky Three-Day Event look like?”  Our typical responses ranged from, “Great question,” to “it changes every day.”  These answers are still applicable.

To our normal response I would add that our goal is to run the Kentucky Three-Day Event and the Kentucky Invitational Grand Prix in April 2021 … with a carefully managed level of spectators.  We know there are challenges ahead and we know things must be different in 2021, but we are working towards accomplishing this goal.  We are resilient.

We cannot achieve our goal alone.  We have been and continue to be in constant contact with US Equestrian, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the Kentucky Horse Park.  The approval for spectators from each of these organizations is key to achieving our goal.  These partners also recognize the challenges ahead and the work that must be done.  They too are resilient.

You too are a key partner in our ability to achieve our goal.  Since 1978 you’ve been with us every step of the way.  Plans for April continue to evolve and, as we’ve said before, plans change daily.  As details are finalized, we will excitedly share them with you.  For now, we ask that you be resilient with us.

The definition of resilient is, “to return to the original form or position after being bent, compressed, or stretched.”  For each of us there is no question that 2020 has bent us, compressed us, and stretched us (just look at my waistline!).

We were bent, but we did not buckle.  We were compressed, but we were not squashed.  We were stretched, but we did not break.

We can’t wait to return to our original form as soon as safely possible, with you there next to us.

We are resilient!


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Letters from Lee is a monthly correspondence directly to the fans of the Kentucky Three-Day Event & Kentucky CSI3* Invitational Grand Prix from Lee Carter, the Executive Director of Equestrian Events, Inc. Especially in the time of COVID-19,  transparent and proactive communication is key for the health, logistics, and success of the #BestWeekendAllYear – and what better way to get the information than straight from the horse’s…err, Executive Director’s mouth?? In each month’s Letter, Lee will update fans on a multitude of subjects, ranging anywhere from COVID-19 safety measures, new and exciting enhancements to the event, behind the scenes insights, and so much more!