Scavenger Hunt - Kentucky Three Day Event, Equestrian Events Kentucky, Equine Dressage, Equine Jumping
Event Dates: April 27-30, 2023

Scavenger Hunt

The Official 2022 Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Scavenger Hunt

Sponsored by The Foundation of the Horse

Game Start Date: Monday, April 25 at 12:00PM
Game End Date: Sunday, May 1 at 12:00PM

The Scavenger Hunt is open to everyone in attendance at the 2022 event including all spectators and volunteers. GooseChase is a downloadable app that will host a scavenger hunt created for the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event and sponsored by Foundation for The Horse. The game will feature over 100 individual tasks, each with an assigned point value listed. The ten participants collecting the most points will receive an assortment of amazing prizes, including a brand new 2023 4-Star Trailers two-horse trailer for the grand prize winner. Mission types include photos, videos, checking-in at specific locations, or answering questions. No purchase will be necessary to complete tasks. The app will provide a live activity feed and a real-time leaderboard. Read more here.
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Search by name: 2022 LRK3DE Official scavenger hunt
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Step 6: Have fun!

Terms and Conditions of the Scavenger Hunt can be read here.