Disability Information - Kentucky Three Day Event, Equestrian Events Kentucky, Equine Dressage, Equine Jumping
Event Dates: April 27-30, 2023

Disability Information

View Disabled Parking Map (here)

Parking and services for the disabled offered by Equestrian Events, Inc. are available to anyone with any type of disability that would preclude attending and enjoying this exciting equestrian competition if you must walk any distance to the sites of the various competitions.

Others included in your party, up to one (1) additional person, are welcome to accompany you when you utilize disabled transportation.

We cannot allow spectators to bring personally owned golf carts or other motorized transportation into the Park or to rent golf carts at the Park.  The nature of the competition requires that vehicular traffic of any kind, especially which produces noise or quick movement that can startle a horse or rider or take their attention from the task at hand, must be kept to a minimum. Only certain authorized officials and Event Sponsors may drive cars, trucks, golf carts or other motorized vehicles within the Park during the competition.


Either a State Issued Disabled Parking Card or a Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event Disabled Parking passes provides direct access to the Disabled Services parking area near Alltech Arena.

Access to the parking area is as follows:

  1. Display your Disabled Parking card on the rearview mirror of your vehicle; this will indicate to personnel that you are to be directed to Disabled Parking near Alltech Arena. Enter the Horse Park through the Main Gate and stay in the left lane for Alltech Arena disabled parking and shuttle pick up.
  2. If you have purchased a Patron Club or Sentient Jet Patron Plus subscription, display that parking card on your rear-view mirror over the Disabled Parking card if you would like to park in the main parking lot, but do not need shuttle pick up. Enter the Horse Park through the Main Gate and stay in or move to the right lane for the main parking lot. FOR PATRON CLUB MEMBERS, THERE IS NOT A SHUTTLE PICK UP IN THE MAIN LOT.
  3. As you approach the roundabout, you will be directed by parking personnel to Disabled Parking.



Disabled Services Information

Disabled Services staff will be available in the Alltech Arena parking lot. It is here that you will pick up the Disabled Services Shuttle, if necessary, to transport you to the interior of the Park and into the Event Complex.

Disabled Services Center & Shuttle Pick-Up

The Disabled Services Center (white tent) is located near the side entrance to Alltech Arena.

When you check in with the staff at the Disabled Services Center, you will be issued a bright pink circle to be used to signal shuttle personnel when you wish to be picked up at a specific location.

Disabled Services Shuttles will leave from and return to this service center.

Shuttle Service closes 30 minutes after the close of Trade Fair.

Medical Services

The Event Medical Services Tent is located at the intersection of Nina Bonnie Boulevard and Lee Cholak Road, directly across Nina Bonnie Boulevard. Medical doctors, paramedics, EMT personnel and registered nurses staff this tent. It serves all Event spectators, personnel and competitors.

If you don’t already, you may want to carry with you a card or other means of detailing any condition that could occur in order to aid the doctors in stabilizing you if need be.


Seating for Dressage (Thursday and Friday) and Stadium Jumping (Sunday) must be purchased. If you have not already purchased seats, we have held back a certain number of seats to accommodate you, and these may be purchased at the Current ticket Price at the Event Box Office located in the Rolex Stadium Grandstand.  If tickets have already been purchased, we will exchange these tickets (upcharge and fees may apply).

Rolex Stadium

If you have purchased Disabled Seating in Rolex Stadium, Wheelchair seating is on Row N at the top of Sections 102-104 and 108-110 as you come out onto the concourse.


Shuttles (golf carts) will be available Thursday, Friday and Sunday to transport you to the grandstands at the Rolex Stadium. These shuttles will leave from the Disabled Services Center at 15-minute intervals.

Special Cross-Country Course Tours

Special guided tours of the Cross-Country Course will be scheduled for Thursday and Friday afternoon 30 minutes after the last dressage ride for those with a disability or who are 65 or older. These tours will travel the actual route of the Cross-Country Course. If you are interested in either of these tours, please sign up in the Disabled Services Center prior to 3 p.m. each day (subject to availability).

Cross-Country Day Services

Shuttles will be available to transport you to various obstacles on the Cross-Country Course Saturday. These shuttles will leave from the Disabled Services Center at 15-minute intervals and will travel a specific route along the course.  Not all obstacles on the Cross-Country Course will be a specific stop along the route, but the most interesting obstacles will be included.

You may choose to disembark at the first obstacle stop or wait for an obstacle you think will be more interesting. Within 15 minutes, another shuttle should appear. If you wish to move on to another obstacle or return to the Disabled Services Center, simply hold up your pink circle and the shuttle will wait for you and/or assist you. In order to return to the Disabled Services Center, depending on where you are located, you will have to travel the remainder of the route on the shuttle, but you should be able to see something at each brief stop so it will be interesting.

If an emergency occurs, please do not hesitate to advise the Disabled Services Personnel driving the shuttle. The normal route will be interrupted for emergencies. If an emergency occurs and a Disabled Shuttle is not in sight, please do not hesitate to advise the Fence Judge at the obstacle. This Event Official is in radio communication with emergency personnel.

However, please do not interrupt the Fence Judge or other officials for other than a true emergency. The officials at the fences are charged with the responsibility of recording faults at obstacles, which requires their full attention to ensure that all competitors’ records are accurate, and of summoning emergency aid if a horse or rider are injured negotiating the obstacle. Their first responsibility is to the competitors and their horses, though they will certainly help if an emergency occurs.

Transport to Sponsor Village, Food Vendors and Trade Fair

Because we want you to be able to partake of the various food offerings and we don’t want the walk to deter you, our Disabled Services Personnel will be available to transport you to the Food Vendors via golf cart. The golf carts will depart on a 30-minute rotation from the Disabled Services Center.

Dogs:  While dogs are welcome at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event, they must be kept on a leash and, with the exception of certified guide or assistance dogs, are not permitted in any of the Rolex Stadium Seats.

The Lexington Humane Society will offer a day care station where your dog will be looked after for a minimum donation of $10.00/hour or $40.00 for the day.  Dogs staying at the Lexington Humane Society station will need to have their vaccination record available to be shown to the caretakers. Don’t forget to bring toys, treats, favorite comfort item, etc. You will need a photo ID to pick up your dog (this is to ensure that no unauthorized person can pick up your dog).

There will be no special parking concessions for vehicles containing dogs, and distressed dogs will be removed from vehicles, by whatever means necessary, by the Lexington Humane Society/Event Security.  Please don’t allow dogs to foul areas in the Trade Fair, Sponsor Village or other public places.