Insight Into The Kentucky Three-Day Event Competition

Insight Into The Kentucky Three-Day Event Competition

Amanda Miller LRK3DE commentator

The Kentucky Three-Day Event is one of only two 5 star events in North America, and an intense test of horse and rider through three phases of competition: dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. There’s nothing quite like being there in person, and if you’ve never experienced it firsthand before, we highly recommend it. There’s a reason it’s referred to as the Best Weekend All Year! However, while you’re there, if you want to really gain some insight into each ride and performance for dressage and show jumping, you’ll also want to listen to the commentary with a headset throughout those two phases of competition.

What is the benefit of having a headset and why not just listen to the announcers? That’s a great question we’re happy to answer. While the event does have announcers over the loudspeakers during the competition, they are focused on announcing the horse and rider, and their overall score. While the rider is in the ring performing either their dressage test or show jumping round, the announcer is quiet to allow the horse and rider to focus on the task at hand – performing their best at this international competition! Because of this, there is no voice-over or commentator the way you would experience if you were watching a sports broadcast on television.

When you watch the Olympics on television, for example, the commentators will discuss a play-by-play style of commenting on the horse and rider’s performance, technicality of their movements, any mistakes, impressive moments, and so much more. This provides significantly more insight to even an experienced horse person than one would get simply by watching the event from inside Rolex Stadium. In addition, our commentators have direct experience and expertise in the sport of three-day eventing, adding even more valuable insight beyond the basic announcements over the PA system on the show grounds.

Meet Commentator Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller is one of our featured commentators. She resides in Clayton, NC where she runs her own business, Miller Eventing. She has competed through the Advanced level and earned her USDF Bronze Medal. Amanda attended NC State University, studying Animal Science. In 2005, she became a USEA Certified Instructor, the youngest to be certified at that time. She has had many students compete through the two star level. In 2012, Amanda received her USEF “r” Event Judge’s License and was promoted to “R” in 2016. In 2021 she achieved the highest judging rating in the US as an “S” judge. Amanda then went on to get her FEI license and is a FEI Level 3 Event Judge and Level 2 Steward. She has officiated and served on multiple FEI Ground Jurys throughout the US and abroad.  She has also served on her local board, NCDCTA, for 12 years, served as President for 5 years, retiring in 2022. Amanda loves spending time with her dogs and her husband, Rob Mobley, who is a USEF Licensed Designer and FEI Course Builder.

Now that you have an understanding of what the commentators offer through the headsets here at The Kentucky Three-Day Event, it’s time to reserve your headset as they are limited! Listen to experts comment, critique and explain Dressage rides Thursday and Friday and Jumping rounds Sunday through your own headsets, with a discounted fee if you select all three days. You may pick up reserved headsets at the Headset Rental booth next to the Event Box Office inside the Rolex Stadium.

We look forward to seeing you at The Kentucky Three-Day Event and listening to our commentators share their knowledge during the dressage and show jumping rounds.